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Professional In Home Dog Behavioral Modification and Dog Training Services

Dog Behavior:

Here at Training Spot, we provide you with a service of in-home dog behavior training and education. This means we will come to your home to assess the situation the issue with your four legged family member. Lots of times destructive behavior and outbreaks can happen with a lack of the correct communication between you and your pet. These sessions are usually an hour long and we will ask you to show us the issues you’re having, when these issues happen, and why you think they happen. We then will go over what is triggering the behavior and we will show you the correct way to communicate what you want to your dog. Let’s make this a positive experience for the both of you!!


→ We strive for results within the first session.

→ We do not recommend changing your routine with your pet before your training session.

→ We recommend having a clicker, a 15 to 20 ft. long line and high value treats for your first session.

→ Patience is required.



**driving distance more than 10 miles $5.00 gas fee applied


Dog Training:

If you have a new puppy or adult dog or a new rescue and you are looking for some help, we offer you a chance to grow with your dog through in home dog training. In our experience reactivity, aggression and resource guarding are some of the main reasons why dogs are misplaced.  We would like to give you and your dog the opportunity to reconcile before this happens, through positive reinforcement. We like to tackle these situations through love and commitment as a team.  We will be with you every step of the way and show you exactly what you need to do to communicate with your animal so both of you have a high rate of success during your training process. 

Sessions are one on one with you and a certified pet dog trainer. Sessions last about 45 minutes to an hour. This is great for pet parents who love their animals and are looking for a trainer to help them work through their challenges along the way with their dogs. If you have taken your dog to classes already and notice that it might not be sticking in a home setting, then this is for you. Give us a call and be on your way to a better relationship with your friend!


→ Dog training is offered with one on one sessions in your home at your convenience.

→ Board and train services are also available.

→ Offering basic cues like: Sit, stay, lie down, come, focus, hand touch, release cue and leave it for either in home services or board and train programs.  If you would like a second level of training we offer leash control and how to walk with a loose leash or long line.  Our third level of training is off leash work.

→ Friendly, positive, very informative sessions.  Here our methodology is clicker training.

→ Our sessions are focused on skills you need to train your dog for the rest of its life.

→ We give you homework to keep you and your dog focused.

→ Shy or fearful dogs, reactivity, aggression, resource guarding and impulse control are some of the more difficult behaviors we will be able to modify for you and your dog.


(Pet Dog Certified/2006 through Animal Behavior College and continued education)



**Driving distance more than 10 miles $5.00 gas fee applied


In Home Pet Sitting

(Great for daily cat visits, multiple pet home or dogs who might get stressed at a boarding facility/daycare)

You’re leaving home for a bit, but not sure you like the idea of leaving the pets at another daycare/boarding facility, well then this is for you! Leave your pets at home and have a professional sitter come to them! Call or email now to set up a free consultation. We are able to schedule as many daily visits as requested while you are away. Some pets may need more attention than others. Often puppies, senior pets, dogs that may be kenneled, dogs without a doggie door, pets who suffer from separation anxiety, or pets on medication may require more visits throughout the day than others. Also great for cats!

We offer:

→ Walks and playtime

→ Feeding and watering

→ Medication administration (if needed)

→ Waste cleanup (yard or litter box)

→ Garbage brought out to the curb

→ Alternating lights and blinds

→ Mail pick up

→ Plant watering

→ Other incidentals as needed

→ Key picks up/drop off




Nail Trims / Brushing


→ $15/one pet

→ $28/2 or more pets

→ Added to additional service (i.e. training, sitting) $10 per pet



*All pets must be up to date on vaccinations, no exceptions. Proof of this must be emailed to me prior to date of service.